Awaken your potential

Our kinesiology services – an innovative approach

Improve your performance

Thanks to our innovative exercises based on movement science, you will gain strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance. Whichever physical activity you prefer, our approach will help you maximize your results.

Prevent injuries

We put an emphasis on the proper execution of the movements and on the quality of the technique. Moreover, we make sure to consider the entirety of the human body, so our exercises reinforce it globally and proportionally.

Stay motivated

Training with us means you will be under the supervision and receive the encouragement of a professional of the movement science. Your program will be adapted according to your profile, and your kinesiologist will make sure that you stay motivated to reach your goals week after week.


51% of Quebecers who consider their health to be only average or bad have a sedentary lifestyle


44% of Quebecers who were injured say that it happened during a physical activity


25% of Quebecers are obese, an increase of 10 % over the last twenty years

Health Budget for 2008
10 billion dollars
Health Budget for 2018
35 billion dollars

"A brief analysis of the health system immediately shows that it is as congested, if not more, and the health workers are running out of steam. Also, the patients are rarely satisfied with the health care they receive, in spite of the enormous increase of the health budget."

Gouvernement du Québec, Budget et dépenses 2017-2018

It’s time for a change

Our mission

We are committed to promote human fulfillment through movement and sports. We want to help you reach your full potential and to be independent in your practice of physical activity.

To reach this goal, we put the transfer of our knowledge at the core of our interventions. We will make you discover a new way of training that you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life. By being attentive, persistent and patient, you will master your physical condition. Our goal is not to make you dependent on our services, but to help you thrive and reach your potential.

A team of kinesiologists at your service

Training with our team of five passionate kinesiologists means you are under the supervision of professionals of the science of body movement. Thanks to our innovative approach in training and performance improvement, you will discover a new method of training.

An innovative sports clinic

AXiO sports medicine clinic is located at La Prairie on the South Shore, and offers a complete health care environment. Training with us means you have access to an ecosystem of health professionals (sports doctors, physiotherapists, sports therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists and kinesiologists).

Join the K5S family!

If you want to access the services of our clinic, you must make an appointment with us first. We can then assess your physical condition and your objectives. Click the link below and chose the best appointment time for you. Places are limited!

What our clients say about us

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